Perky Merry

Description: What's it gonna take, we've been here for hours and all he does is play on his tablet", wonders Henessy. Time for a babe to take matters into her own hands. A few seductive glances and soon Gery has his hands full of juicy ass and perky tits. Oh! Did I mention she was gonna take things in hand? Indeed she does and quite nicely I might add.||Henessy and Gery Taylor|Modern Love||05-08-2013|Indoors,Kitchen,Couples,Sex,Cowgirl,Spoon,Handjob,Pussy Fingering,Pussy Licking,Gonzo,Girlfriend|A day in Provence, antique country cottage, field stone walls, chintz curtains in brushed greens and gold complement Leyla's, perky tits, classic oval face and milk white skin reflected in the midday light. His hands sliding under panties. Her mouth engulfing his member, Leyla lavishes him with her oral affections. Returning the favor he spoons her to perfection, pleasuring her clit while he enters her from behind.||Leyla, Merlin|Stone||02-08-2013|Couples,Sex,Cowgirl,Doggystyle,Reverse Cowgirl,Spoon,Feet,Handjob,Blowjob,Cum on Tits,Ass Worship,Gonzo,Indoors,Girlfriend,Pussy Licking,Fetish|Jazz and intricate carvings, black lace, platinum blond hair and cherry red nails blend together to create the perfect bit of Babe's erotica. Garters stretched across Danielle's perfectly round ass, her flowing tresses sexily tousled from an afternoon sleep, highlight jade green eyes that gaze directly into yours and promise to get your blood flowing in the right direction. Playfully tweaking her nipples and love bud, the irresistible force of her passion bursts into full flame and she cum's in a heart throbbing orgasm. If classic erotica is your thing this scene is not to be missed.||Danielle Trixie|Around the Bend||01-08-2013|Solo,Gonzo,Indoors|Deep Reds, black hair and cafe-au-lait complexion wrapped in creamery skin and golden locks, backdrop this lover's scene. The first dew of desire glistens on Layla's sweet cunny, helped along by Jessie's lavish oral attention. Her face straddled; Layla stretches upwards to reach Jessie's inviting cleft and returns the favor. Limbs and tongues entwined, a flurry of urgent kisses and skillful fingers, push both of these babes beyond the brink of endurance as they plunge into the well of orgasm.||Layla Rose, Jessie Andrews|RED||31-07-2013|Feet,Fetish,Face Sitting,Pussy Fingering,Pussy Licking,Lesbian,Gonzo,Indoors,Spanking,Big Tits Worship,Sex|If there's anything more beautiful than an oriental woman it's got to be an Asian Beauty with a throaty French accent. Almond eyes, coffee skin, coupled with natural 36C breasts, a beautifully curved ass and perfectly pouty lips, all add up to make Sharon Lee one incredibly sexy woman. Watching Sharon play with herself is a breathtaking visual feast that quite frankly leaves us gasping. You can't help but wish you were right there beside her, helping her what are you waiting for?||Sharon Lee|In The Wind||30-07-2013|Outdoors,Solo,Gonzo|A classic scene that kicks off with a "Film Noir" intro to set the mood for this sultry piece of erotica. Neeo's sensuous foreplay rapidly gains heat as he ignites Gina's desire with some expert oral attention . Once lit, her passion remains unquenched until finally in a breathtaking crescendo they orgasm together in floods of cum.||Gina Devine|Sea of Green||29-07-2013|Couples,Sex,Missionary,Reverse Cowgirl,Side Fuck,Spoon,Feet,Fetish,Blowjob,Deep Throat,Pussy Licking,Gonzo,Indoors,Girlfriend|A lover's spat can be a real pain, but thank goodness there's make-up sex. "Sorry baby" may not quite be enough, but most women will warm up if you put in a little effort and shower them with affection, especially when that affection is showered on their softer places. See! Zoey's warming up already. Now for the hard parts!||Zoey Nixon|Little Black Boots||26-07-2013|Couples,Sex,Doggystyle,Missionary,Handjob,Blowjob,Pussy Licking,Girlfriend,Gonzo,Indoors,Deep Throat|OK Let's pretend! Let's pretend that Michel needs her erotic fantasies fulfilled by a fully-fledged member. Too bad, she seems to be alone. OH My! Wait...maybe not entirely alone! It seems Michelle has brought along a member of her own. There's nothing like an adult toy to keep a ladies sexy imagination moist and working overtime. Gosh, it looks like we won't have to pretend after all. Neither will Michelle!||Michele Monroe|Moist||25-07-2013|Solo,Dildo,Vibrator,Gonzo,Indoors|Dove greys, soft rose and the insistent throb of a Djembe hand drum set the perfect mood for two babes to enjoy a friendly massage, relaxing, sensual. Cappuccino and buttered cream limbs entwined, Gia's insistent hands find their way to Anikka's petalled folds, penetrating, thrusting fingers, keep time to groans of pleasure. One good turn deserves another and Anikka buries her mouth in Gia's already moist cleft. It's a scene that's sweet, sultry and incredibly erotic to watch.||Gia Steel, Anikka Albrite|Too Much Fun||24-07-2013|Sex,Feet,Fetish,Pussy Fingering,Pussy Licking,Gonzo,Lesbian,Indoors|Poor Shae! Stuck all alone in a hotel room. Flipping through magazines is Soooo boring! What's a pretty babe to do? Gotta find some way to pick up my mood, "Hmm some guitar music, that's better, makes me feel sexy, she thinks." What better way to get over the blues than lavishing attention on your, wet, hard, lady boner and erect nipples? When times are hard and boyfriends are few...10 wet fingers are an orgy.||Shae Snow|Make it Snow||23-07-2013|Bathroom,Solo,Gonzo,Indoors|Newlyweds, Aaliyah and Logan have left the hustle and bustle behind for a dirty weekend, to keep the carnal fires alight. Entering from the balcony Logan finds Aaliyah lying on the bed, the curve of her hip and lace topped thighs stoke his desire, breasts cradled in aqua cups; irresistible. Planting butterfly kisses Logan works his way up to nuzzle her neck and release her perky breasts from captivity, where much to her delight, he grazes Aaliyah's nipples with his tongue. Passion kindled and vows reconfirmed, the story unfolds, but you'll have to watch them to see how it ends.||Aaliyah Love|I Need Love||22-07-2013|Couples,Sex,Doggystyle,Missionary,Side Fuck,Blowjob,Pussy Licking,Cum on Tits,Girlfriend,Gonzo,Indoors|Do you wanna read that magazine or play with me? Tell you what, I'll sit on your lap and we'll talk about the first thing that pops up , OK! Well, since you put it that way... Melody manages to take Kris' mind of his literary pursuits as she lavishes her attention on his tumescent shaft. Not to be outdone, Kris shows his appreciation of her talents by returning the favor. Needless to say the final chapter is dripping wet.||Melody Jordan|Merry Melody||19-07-2013|Couples,Sex,Cowgirl,Spoon,Blowjob,Pussy Licking,Cum on Tits,Girlfriend,Gonzo,Indoors|Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and the feel of crisp white linen. A perfect ass, a perfect smile, engorged nipples and an insistent touch, are the best friends woman has when she's feeling like she needs a little personal attention. Watch Giselle's solo journey as she explores her sexuality and reveals the depths of a woman's intense pleasure. ||Giselle Leon|Plaisirs Personnels||18-07-2013|Solo,Gonzo,Indoors,Outdoors|Men are not the only ones to lust after a woman's charms, these two hot Babes crave the feel of woman on woman skin like no other, tongues sliding along graceful curves, fingers exploring hidden folds and secret places. A combination of toys and mouths arouse them beyond restraint, as they tantalize each other to the brink of shivering ecstasy and beyond.||Ash Hollywood, Celeste Star|Through The Shades||17-07-2013|Sex,Dildo,Vibrator,Ass Licking,Pussy Fingering,Pussy Licking,Gonzo,Lesbian,Indoors,Spanking|Spring rain and lace are lovely setting to get in touch with nature and touching her nature is exactly what Danni has in mind. The softness of the textures against her skin is exceeded only by the tenderness of her fingers between her thighs. Expressive exhibitionism at its best, this scene takes you on an, "up-close-and-personal" tour of a woman's fantasies and unbridled desires when she's alone.||Danni Gee|Yearning||16-07-2013|Solo,Gonzo,Indoors|Sometimes getting your man's attention can be hard work, especially after a hard day at the office. Natalia has a few strokes for getting noticed that work admirably well. After all, slowly dragging your tongue down his...well, you get the idea. To get a real feel you need to watch the scene, it's an outstanding piece of art-porn and the kind of tastefully executed glamcore you've come to expect from Babes.||Natalia Starr|Wild Thing||15-07-2013|Couples,Sex,Cowgirl,Doggystyle,Blowjob,Pussy Licking,Creampie,Cum on Pussy,Pussy Creampie,Girlfriend,Gonzo,Indoors|Frank manages to sneak out of work and dashes over to Carol's place for a visit. Quick, she says, my husband will be back in an hour. The clock ticking on their risky business, Carol strips off while Frank watches and grows hornier by the minute. It's a tight squeeze, but Carol savors every second with his cock deep in her sweet pussy. ||Carol Vega and Franck Franco|Stems||12-07-2013|Couples,Sex,Cowgirl,Doggystyle,Spoon,Ass Licking,Blowjob,Pussy Licking,Gonzo,Indoors,Cumshot Clean-Up,Girlfriend,Ass Worship|Blonde hair, blue eyes and an azure wall, this babe has the tight, hard, body of a thoroughbred and the face of a goddess. The blue wall, oh my god! Alyssa nearly crawls up the wall backwards she's so unbelievably turned on by her finger play. Her tanned lithe hips writhing as she pleasures herself beyond endurance, the heat of her passion almost tangible as it burns in contrast to the cool blues of the scene.||Alyssa Branch|Surf's Up!||11-07-2013|Outdoors,Shower,Solo,Wet,Gonzo|Floral prints, tropical breezes and two beautifully endowed women, make this one the absolute best of babe-babe scenes to be sure. Tongue tangled kissing, thigh stroking, and nipple fondling get Daisy and Sophia warmed up for some serious loving. Taking turns pleasuring each other, Sophia's sensuous mouth is quite simply, driving Miss Daisy crazy! Again and again.||Daisy Lynn & Sophia Knight|Garden Delight||10-07-2013|Outdoors,Face Sitting,Pussy Licking,Gonzo,Lesbian|Shay has a taste for a little slap and tickle; unsurprisingly, she also has a fascination with her all natural 36D breasts. Fondling herself in the great outdoors, a little sun, a soft breeze and the spicy sting of the odd slap it's no wonder she cums with such sweet urgency.||Shay Laren|Dancing With Myself||09-07-2013|Outdoors,Solo,Gonzo|A secret tryst on a misty weekend, Chastity welcomes her man in leopard print lingerie and tousled mane that hint at the wild sexcapades yet to come. Undressing is half the fun, but teasing her nipples with nips and bites is what gets Chastity hot and horny enough to slide Cash into her moist interiors for the ride of his life.||Chastity Lynn|Sweet Chastity||08-07-2013|Couples,Sex,Cowgirl,Doggystyle,Blowjob,Pussy Licking,Girlfriend,Gonzo,Indoors|Molly and Rocco are having a glass of champagne to celebrate their anniversary. Everyone knows anniversaries are when you show your lover how much you appreciate them. Rocco's appreciation of her womanly curves and intimate fold's, brings Molly to a clenching climax, rivaled only by his own, as he cums across Molly's pretty breasts.||Molly Bennett|Happy Anniversary||05-07-2013|Couples,Sex,Cowgirl,Doggystyle,Missionary,Side Fuck,Spoon,Blowjob,Pussy Licking,Cum on Tits,Girlfriend,Gonzo,Indoors|Golden tresses cascade down her crystal glistened neck, flashing gold in the amber light, as Liz Ashley lays down to play with her flawless pussy. She drops her rust-colored dress to the floor and sends a hand down south to explore her hottest spots. You'll be captivated by Liz's sensual seduction as she makes love to herself in the sultriest part of the afternoon.||Liz Ashley|Laurel Gaze||04-07-2013|Solo,Gonzo,Indoors|Cinnamon skin, ruby nails and perfectly shaped bottoms set the scene for some serious oral girlplay; you can see these babes are really into each other. Nipples rigid with lust, Olivia tongues Embry to a frenzied orgasm and then lies across Embry's lap for Embry's eager touch. Taking turns, she penetrates Embry's hidden sex with love slick fingers then straddles her face so Embry can happily lap at her pussy until she comes yet again. Really, you don't want to miss this one, it's 100% lady lust, 100% pure Babes!||Embry, Olivia Wilder|Redux||03-07-2013|Sex,Face Sitting,Pussy Fingering,Pussy Licking,Gonzo,Lesbian,Indoors|Abigail stares wistfully out the window perhaps remembering an earlier moment with a lover? She fondles her perfect breasts, her hips swaying to an imaginary drumbeat, teasing, putting on a show for any lucky passerby. She explores her body in exquisite detail, stroking, holding back, making the feeling last, and when she can no longer contain her mounting urgency, she surrenders to the flood of her orgasm.||Abigail Mac|Lust Me||02-07-2013|Solo,Gonzo,Indoors|Flaming auburn and shade dappled ivory white kindles a spark of passion on a relaxing afternoon. Sabby's soft caresses become urgent and erupt in a blaze of frantic passion that sets Amarna alight again and again. Their intense sexual heat finally quenched in a pool of orgasm as epic violins underscore the lingering warmth. Classic Babes, not to be missed!||Amarna Miller & Sabby|Ivory's Touch||01-07-2013|Couples,Sex,Cowgirl,Doggystyle,Spoon,Blowjob,Pussy Fingering,Pussy Licking,Cumshot Clean-Up,Facial,Girlfriend,Gonzo,Indoors|Riley is feeling sexy, putting on a bit of a show, caressing herself, teasing her man. Having aroused his interest,Kris is eager to take the game a little further. His insistent tongue laps at her, pleasuring her cunt, not to be outdone Riley folds him into her aching pussy and then takes him in her mouth.||Riley Reid and Kris Slater|Garden View||28-06-2013|Couples,Sex,Cowgirl,Doggystyle (Standing),Missionary,Side Fuck,Blowjob,Deep Throat,Pussy Licking,Cum on Pussy,Girlfriend,Gonzo,Indoors|Sometimes a woman just needs to revel in her own beauty and Brett's charms are certainly worthy of her admiration. Caressing her breasts is a tantalizingly good place to start, but it isn't quite enough to quench her passion. She needs to finger and stroke her aching lady-boner to give her the multiple orgasms she desperately craves.||Brett Rossi|A Touch of Lace||27-06-2013|Solo,Gonzo,Indoors|Enjoying strawberries still warm from the garden; the tangy taste and fragrant aroma arouse Alliyah's senses, she invites Alyssa to share her berries.Tasting one fruit leads to tasting more forbidden delights, driven by their frantic desire they explore each other's hidden folds and tongues entwined; they cascade into the abyss of orgasm.||Aaliyah Love, Alyssa Reece|Sunset In Vermont||26-06-2013|Face Sitting,Pussy Licking,Gonzo,Lesbian,Indoors,Spanking,Ass Worship|Blonde haired blue eyed, silky thighs and curvy assed, Laura Crystal stands with that slightly toes pointing in, an askance posture so recognizably that of an inexperienced young women. Exploring the wonders of her lace clad body, her fingers rake across her erect nipples as she fondles her throbbing pussy.Toying with a glass cock takes Crystal to new heights of sensation and gasping loudly, she cums again and again.||Laura Crystal|Crystal Clear||25-06-2013|Outdoors,Solo,Dildo,Gonzo|Beautiful Katie finds herself looking down over the top of her perky breasts at Tarzan's mouth generously engulfing her clit.Spooning her from behind he pistons his cock deep into Katie's cleft. Beyond hanging on Katie tumbles over the edge of an explosive orgasm, while Tarzan spends his seed; cuming all over her golden belly.||Katie Oliver and Tarzan|Straight to the Point||24-06-2013|Couples,Sex,Gonzo,Cowgirl,Doggystyle,Missionary,Spoon,Blowjob,Face Sitting,Cum on Tits,Girlfriend,Indoors|Sorry were you reading that magazine? Asks Kris, while caressing Zoey's thighs and teasing her nipples forcefully. Overcome with desire, and completely losing all interest in hermag, Zoey runs her tongue down his torso taking his length deep into her mouth. Her ass cupped in Kris's hands he lifts her cleft to his mouth and tickles her pink.||Zoey Paige and Kris Slater|We Got it Bad||21-06-2013|Couples,Sex,Doggystyle,Missionary,Blowjob,Deep Throat,Pussy Licking,Girlfriend,Gonzo,Indoors|Truly, is there anything sexier than a beautiful woman in a soft pink sweater, pert nipples peaking beneath the fabric? Clearly Tiffany is feeling wistful and perhaps in need of some attention. With no one to cuddle up to, the lady has no other option than to take herself in hand and indeed she does! Her nipples urged erect by her pinching grip, unleash a flood of warmth between her thighs. Unable to resist any longer, Tiffany fondles her clit until overcome with lust; she cries out, "I'm cumming! Ohhmmm, I'm Cuming!

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